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We think you will agree...why spend any money on gifts if your recipients view them as "trinkets and trash."  That only denigrates your brand and wastes time and resources.  We encourage you to invest in gifts worthy of your brand.  That's why Barrington designs and manufactures CUSTOM BRANDED LIFESTYLE GIFTS for your  events, meetings and programs. Lifestyle gifts made to your unique specifications provide a superior strategic option because your gift recipients will not throw them away but use more often...keeping your brand top-of-mind more often accomplishing your marketing objectives.

Unlike most brands and suppliers who rely on contract manufacturing, Barrington owns and operates its own factory.  Our manufacturing benefits our clients in significant and matchless ways...

  1. SUPERIOR VALUE:  With no middle-man sourcing agent overseas involved, Barrington clients enjoy lower pricing for luxury quality whether buying through an authorized Barrington distributor partner or direct.

  2. SMALL MINUMUM QUANTITIES REQUIRED:  Barrington can make as few as 24 units customized and personalized to client specifications, including its well known custom branded fabric lining and gift packaging..

  3. FASTER LEAD TIMES: Whether the need is a week or less for gifts decorated and shipped from its inventory or just a few weeks for custom-made gifts delivered to the destination of choice, Barrington provides world class speed.

  4. TRUSTWORTHY QUALITY CONTROL:  Barrington manages the entire supply chain from procurement of raw materials through delivery via its global shipping provider, FedEx.


BOTTOM-LINE BENEFIT:  Barrington clients enjoy PEACE-OF-MIND trusting that their orders arrive on time with the quality and customization that "WOW" its recipients by delivering a superior branding impact and satisfying ROI.

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